LED FestBag Drawstring Backpack - Brighten Up Your Backside

LED FestBag Drawstring Backpack - Brighten Up Your Backside

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Approved for all major festivals this simple drawstring backpack has a LED surprise once the sun goes down. Click a button and create your own dance party as your bag lights up the night.  Select from 8 different color and strobe-light options.  The included remote-control, lets you customize your color experience as the music moves you.

The FestBag comes equipped with a lithium ion rechargeable battery, pair it with
our portable charger and light up the night ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

Blue LED Drawstring Backpack:

Blue LED Drawstring Backpack

Purple LED Drawstring Backpack:

Purple LED Drawstring Backpack


Turquoise LED Drawstring Backpack:

Turquoise LED Drawstring Backpack


Red LED Drawstring Backpack:

Red LED Drawstring Backpack


Yellow LED Drawstring Backpack:

Yellow LED Drawstring Backpack


Green LED Drawstring Backpack:

Green LED Drawstring Backpack


Light Blue LED Drawstring Backpack:

Light Blue LED Drawstring Backpack


Here is what the bag looks like in the day time. A nice high quality black drawstring backpack.  Very unassuming...until it gets dark.  Then you can use the provided remote control to light up the night! 

Black LED Drawstring Backpack   Black LED Drawstring Backpack Back   Black LED Drawstring Backpack Remote Control