About Ready Fest Go!

Ready Fest Go is the prototypical mom and pop business.  Founded by Brook and Jason Appelbaum in their home in Austin Texas, Ready Fest Go originated when Jason and Brook attended ACL fest and realized they were getting old.  


Not because they were getting tired, or the heat, my god the heat, but because they realized people where there to be seen just as much as they were there to see.  And we did not understand what that was all about.

As the years kept rolling by and they kept seeing the fashion, fanny packs, bandanas, totems, fishnets, crazy cat shirts, fancy hats, fun sunglasses and everything in between, they decided to do some research and noticed that there were few places that offered up options for casual festival goers to fit in by standing out.  They're no ravers, they're old, but they dont want to LOOK like they're old at festivals


More about the fascination with EDC, festival fashion, love of live music, getting kids to enjoy it etc.